Just When You Begin To Think It Has Rained Enough – It Starts To Pour

It’s been 2 and a half weeks since my last post… alot has happened. 

At the beginning of any cancer journey, you are often theoretically equipped with the knowledge of what awaits both you and the cancer patient.  As much reading I have done and as much interaction both mom and I have had with other cancer patients/survivors, nothing could have mentally or physically prepared us for the last 2 weeks… It’s been the worst weeks thus far.

2 weeks ago, mom completed her 9th chemo treatment. It was such a milestone especially when we realised that she had only 3 weeks left. However, we didn’t realise how bad things could get. Her usual side effects were amplified.. coupled with this she was having black outs. Thankfully whenever that would happen, someone was always around her. It had been her worst week thus far. That feeling of helplessness and frustration which I used to experience at the beginning were now coming back… my already tiny mom had lost even more weight, could barely manage to finish a slice of bread and had turned about 5 shades darker …it even got to the point where drinking water was making her naueasous. 

Noticing that the side effects were only getting worst, dad had notified her oncologist.. where the decision was taken to hospitalise her. Mom spent 5 days in hospital… she had to have a blood transfusion and was given a ton of steroids amongst other things.

Both mom and I weren’t happy about this new separation (given the strict hospital visiting hours) but it was good to see her get stronger day by day. There were noticeable changes… for once she was eating 3 solid meals a day and more importantly I saw her face become brighter and get back her complexion.

However in the midst of one’s recovery, another was silently closing the door on life. On September 12th, my grandmother passed away after a long and exhausting battle with cancer. She truly is a soilder and will always remain so in my eyes… I’ve decided that that my next post will be a tribute to her. It is only fitting that her story of bravery be told.
It is unfortunate that my mom was in hospital at the time of her passing… however if there was anyone who understood the battles one faces because of cancer, it was my grandmother. As hurt as my mom was, she takes comfort in the time they spent together a few weeks ago.

Since then, mom has been discharged and is home. She is recovering and getting stronger by the day.


6 thoughts on “Just When You Begin To Think It Has Rained Enough – It Starts To Pour

  1. My darling baby girl….u may not know this yet but you have your grandma’s gift of courage and love…knowing now that you and dad were clearly visiting two hospitals a day making sure both your loved ones were assured daily of your love is truly remarkable …I am really so proud of you…please let mum know that grandma left behind an army to take care of her…we are all just one call away…Let her know that we love And respect her…all my love…jules

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