A Letter Worth Sharing – Dear Cancer

A Letter to My Cancer: by Author Ginger Johnson

It may seem like you have control in my life right now,
but you really don’t.

Your presence only makes me stronger, braver,
kinder, wiser.

I choose how I think, what I speak and how I love.

You will never be able to touch those things.

The fear of your name no longer haunts my soul
because I know that my soul belongs to me and to God.

You may take your claim on this frail outer shell
but never on my divine spirit that cried out
“I am not my body”.

My soul will run, leap and tower over your attempts to pull me down into despair.

Those who surround me will fight with me
to let it be known that we will not surrender.

Our hearts and souls are tied together in a lasting bond that no amount of your impeding growth can break.

You see cancer, you do NOT own me.

I own myself.

And I will survive.


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