I came across this quote on pinterest some time back, something I believe my mother to be the very embodiment of … “She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings” – Ariana Dancu. For all that life has thrown at her; she has never failed to rise above it. In moments that require me to be strong, I am fortunate enough to need not look further than my mother for courage. This year has challenged her in so many ways but despite it all, she’s still standing and celebrates another year.

Of the many traditions our family has, birthdays are the most significant. For the last 24 years, every year on our birthday mom throws us a mini party, and by mini I mean it’s in our kitchen amongst the four of us… and as of recent years, the 5 of us. We take birthdays seriously in this house… even Zak celebrates his birthday with a dog friendly cake, his favourite treats and presents.  I guess I’ve always been accustomed to this that I’ve never really considered how fortunate we are.  I am that person who doesn’t care for all the fuss… however this year I have come to appreciate the need for the fuss, especially when it comes to our loved ones.

Happy Birthday Mom… I have the utmost love and respect for you. You will always and forever be my very own superhero. For all that you been through, I pray that this coming year will be a blessed and happy one. Thank you for fighting! And thank you for making me believe even more in our faith in moments when I have struggled.

She’s probably going to kill me for posting these pictures (despite the fact that we all still think she is gorgeous)… here is our mini birthday party celebration…..


But first…a Selfie





I’ll just keep an eye on things until mom gets here…



…the moment after he licked the icing of the side of the cake 

Because every picture tells a story …