One Year Later

​Today marks one year since this cancer journey of mom’s began. I say journey, but in reality it was actually a nightmare. It was last year this time that mom had her routine mammogram and whilst every woman is filled with dread during those God awful moments of waiting for their results, no one actually expects to hear that there’s an abnormality which might be cancerous. 

I mean it started off like any other day… mom telling me she was going for her mammogram later that day was just “one of those things”.. but I still remember her calling me afterwards, crying on the phone telling me they found something called microcalcifications and a biopsy would be needed…it all went down hill from there.
I don’t know how this last year has passed, I guess you keep your head down and keep moving. I look back though and can’t help feel a sense of pride at how much we’ve overcome as a family…

Dear Mom, thank you for fighting to be with us. Without even realising it, you chose us over this dread disease. I know there were days where you felt like you were going to die, days where you curled yourself up and just cried…but look at you now, look at how far you’ve come.
I’m thankful for you having been diagnosed when you were, discovering this any later could have meant you not being able to fight off this disease the way you did.
I’m thankful for the people who supported you and encouraged you on your down days, for the people who prayed for you. Saying thank you to them a million times over would never be enough. I truly believe praying for another individual is probably the purest act of love. I’m thankful to the few people close to dad, Kreolin and I, who took time out of their day to check how you were and to remind us that they were there for us.

It is said that in your darkest times you discover the true nature of those around you…for those select few individuals who lacked empathy and could not offer just a few positive words to you – I’m thankful to them, because they have taught you the most important life lesson – “Sagrie First”.
The 3 of us have seen you go through some pretty dark days because those were our dark days too… your new lease on life and second chance is our new lease and second chance too. I truly believe you being diagnosed and having gone through all that you did is for a greater purpose.

Thank you for fighting! We love you so very much.

So much of excitement for her first day back..

She’s back at work as off the 02/05/2017 after 10 months and the excitement couldn’t be contained. To Ian and Judy & the staff of Compass, who so lovingly supported her through this ordeal – thank you. Your consideration towards her health, encouragement on her down days and the overwhelming love you’ve shown her restores my faith in humanity.